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I Met My Girlfriend At A Friars Gig / Fire At Earth Records.

Limited run of just 500 copies – 7″ vinyl.
Cover designed by Friars legend Kris Needs.
Intro by David Stopps.

Released on Yeah!Yeah!Yeah! Records.

Price £6.50 including p+p

I Beg To Differ

24 track Double CD Retrospective.

Released August 2006.

Price £10.00 including p+p

The recording contains:

1. South Africa House
2. Kafkaesque
3. A Boy With A Penchant For Open Neck Shirts
4. Pink Triangles
5. Credit
6. Boxes
7. But
8. Red Flowers
9. Lake Superior
10. There Is Nothing To Keep Us Here
11. Sugarside
12. King Cupid

13. Love Will Blow Up In Your Face
14. Yellowhouse
15. Letters Of The Alphabet
16. Helen Come Home
17. Tina Weymouth’s Smile
18. She Loves Me Like A Brother
19. Last Disco In North Korea
20. I Ain’t Been With No Prostitute
21. Oh No, You’re Pregnant
22. Mark, What’s The Score?
23. King Of The Manchester Baggy Scene
24. Do You Remember L-L-Longwick.

My Black Girlfriend E.P. (uhhuh6)

7 tracks – recorded in the Summer 0f 2005

The recording contains:

1. My Black Girlfriend

2. Mark E. Smith’s Dead

3. My Secretary

4. The Most Handsome Man on T.V.

5. Kitchen Sink Disco

6. Nice Little Bust

7. My Lesbian Sister

Price £5.00 including p+p


9-8/9/10/11 – The Disco Students Live In New York. (uhhuh5)

8 track live CD recorded in New York, September 2004.

The recording contains:

1. Morrissey Stole All My Ideas

2. Lake Superior

3. The Chrysler Building (1976)

4. South Africa House

5. The Most Handsome Man on T.V.

6. I Ain’t Been With No Prostitute

7. My First Day Out Of Jail

8. Mark E. Smith’s Dead

Price £5.00 including p+p

Gay Lorry Drivers E.P. (uhhuh4)

4 track CD recorded in London in December 2003.

The recording contains:

1. Gay Lorry Drivers

2. Morrissey Stole All My Ideas

3. Last Disco In North Korea

4. Bad Orgy

Price £ 5.00 including p+p.


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