The Chrysler Building


Just before the English Punk scene erupted , I had begun to read the NME and took great interest in the development of artists like Patti Smith. Later, I became a fan of bands like Television and Talking Heads. I liked their brittle arty style, and they did wear great shirts.

I’ve only been to New York a couple of times, but even before the Twin Towers disappeared from the Manhattan skyline, I always thought the Chrysler Building was the epitome of NY style and design.

However, after extensive research I can reveal it’s an urban myth that it was designed by Patti Smith.


Build me up in the Chrysler Building,
Push me over the Chrysler Building,
I am falling from the Chrysler Building,
I am redesigning the Chrysler Building.

As you look down,
Across this town,
It’s an urban myth,
You were designed by Patti Smith.

Strip it down this Chrysler Building,
Melt it down this Chrysler Building,
Drag it downtown this Chrysler Building,
Wash it down this Chrysler Building.

From this height Richard Hell and Tom Verlaine,
Sound exactly the same.
Then there’s CBGBs featured on TV
Watched by boys in suits on the BBC.

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