The Most Handsome Man On T.V.


One of those songs that just appear from nowhere. I was in the bath before a rehearsal, and spotted a TV type magazine as favoured by my wife Alison. On the cover was a picture of Vernon Kay, who was/is I was informed by the headline TMHMOTV. Now don’t get be wrong, I have nothing against young Vernon, indeed, good luck to him. But it did cross my mind – is he handsome? In these days of ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ celebrity, just how long would he be able to hang on to this prestigious title? The song is about things going awry for Vernon, having to earn a crust in the real world, and his occasional look back on his glory days.


Got a daughter, but I never see her,
Got a daughter, got a son somewhere.
Had a wife in another life,
Had a car with payments due.

I’d walk home from work, through the fog,
Bang my bones on a rusty fence.
I got a union card on labour day,
Spent the night counting all my pay.

Can’t You See, Can’t You See,
I’m the most handsome man on TV.
Let it be, Let it be,
I’m the most handsome man on TV.

All of that was a long time ago,
A long, long time ago.

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